Game Day: Bulls (19-26) @ Suns (32-14), Wed 3/31/21

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Re: Game Day: Bulls (19-26) @ Suns (32-14), Wed 3/31/21

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Maybe it is arbitrary, but I figured looking at his tenure of 5 years here, did we accomplish anything better (or even as good as) the same length of tenure before or after. We didn't. Sure there are reasons why. There are always reasons why. I am just saying Kidd did not help our team get anything besides first round exits. And some fun "triple double watches" that would happen most games. We under-achieved every year.

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Re: Game Day: Bulls (19-26) @ Suns (32-14), Wed 3/31/21

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Flagrant Fowl wrote:
Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:33 pm
I understand people wanting to like "their guys", but championship organizations don't let their feelings get in the way of winning.

Here's the reality. The Suns aren't going to win the title this year. But they're going to learn a lot about the guys they have, mainly how they perform when it really matters in the playoffs. If any of the young guys (Mikal, Ayton, Cam) obviously disappear in those moments, James Jones wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't consider trying to upgrade the player in their role to someone more reliable and experienced.

Obviously this is just conjecture because we don't know how those guys will perform in two months. What I am certain of is the title window for this team lead by Paul and Booker is narrow. If it requires losing a young player to really put the Suns in the title discussion next season, then it must be done.

What I'm describing is exactly what Denver did at the trade deadline. They loved RJ Hampton, and he'll probably be pretty good someday, but they had to make that move now before Porter Jr. signs his next contract. They were in the same spot as the Suns two weeks ago, but now they're second in the West behind the Lakers in my mind because they acquired a more reliable player.
Feel like I should have listened to you. 😬😬😬😞

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