Game Day: Suns (5-3) @ Kings (5-5), Monday 11/8/21

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Re: Game Day: Suns (5-3) @ Kings (5-5), Monday 11/8/21

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I don’t think the new ball being the problem is a stretch. We have heard Booker mention it a few times. If I remember right they tried a new ball several years ago and ended up switching back.

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Re: Game Day: Suns (5-3) @ Kings (5-5), Monday 11/8/21

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During the Nash era, I believe it was 06. IIRC, they switched back to the old ball around Christmas/New Years, and again there were complaints because by that point the players had mostly adjusted to the new ball.

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Re: Game Day: Suns (5-3) @ Kings (5-5), Monday 11/8/21

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I watched the game on the Sacramento feed, and it was great. Their announcers are mostly unbiased and very respectful.

The officiating was suspect, particularly towards the end of the game, and that mixed with a couple of bad decisions cut the lead down very quickly there at the end. I think Monty might have panicked a bit by inserting the starters en masse. Bench might have strung a couple of poor trips together but the starters only made it worse.

I already posted earlier that I think Cam Johnson is doing fine, but with respect to the added off the dribble stuff, I just don’t think it’s his personality to assert himself and shoot the rock every time he touches it Dillon Brooks style. If he forces up 3-5 semi contested mid rangers per game and misses them, the board will want his head, and he might lose confidence. Give the man some space and let him build his game up at his own pace. He’s a very intelligent player and plays very much within himself, and he will find his comfort zone and build that confidence to try more advanced moves in the game. Not every player is built the same. At least he isn’t doing Nader things right?

As for Nader, I think he showed some real hustle those last few possessions before the bench was taken out almost NHL style. He’s a flawed player, there’s obviously no disputing that. But that he’s putting in maximum effort is a solid starting point. If he can clean up his decision making a bit, he’ll be an asset. If not, he’s on a very low contract and it’s okay… If we had Saric, he’d be the 11th man, not even the 10th. I guess my point is, he’s not worthy of our collective ire right now.

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Re: Game Day: Suns (5-3) @ Kings (5-5), Monday 11/8/21

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Re: Game Day: Suns (5-3) @ Kings (5-5), Monday 11/8/21

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LOL. Somebody read my post ... 8-)
Forget about Sarver--keep your eyes on the prize.

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