Grizzlies (20-14) @ Suns (26-6), Mon 12/27/2021

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Split T
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Re: Grizzlies (20-14) @ Suns (26-6), Mon 12/27/2021

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I don’t think it addressed the end

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Re: Grizzlies (20-14) @ Suns (26-6), Mon 12/27/2021

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SUNS Fan from the Land of Sun, Sea and Sand ;)

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Re: Grizzlies (20-14) @ Suns (26-6), Mon 12/27/2021

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It's easier to score when you can travel on both ends of the play and get away with it.
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Re: Grizzlies (20-14) @ Suns (26-6), Mon 12/27/2021

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So. Many. Travels.

I finally got a chance to watch this one and just finished. It was interesting to watch as all I knew before starting was that we lost a close one and that Morant officially traveled on the last shot although it wasn’t called. Great comeback and huge shot by Book. That Morant travel move has got to be disallowed. He did this same move, coming down before shooting, at least 3 times. In the second half alone!

We shouldn’t have put ourselves in that position but we got jobbed.
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