Around the League News: Week 21 (3/6 - 3/12)

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Re: Around the League News: Week 21 (3/6 - 3/12)

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wpmiller42 wrote:
Mon Mar 13, 2023 12:12 pm
Split T wrote:
Mon Mar 13, 2023 10:44 am
The real solution is to shorten the regular season and space the games out more, but they’ll never do that.
I also think there are some creative scheduling ideas that could work. It's happened a few times this season here and there, but the league should get rid of back-to-backs for traveling teams. Only home teams should play back to backs. And they should do more series where teams play each other twice (or even 3 times) over the course of a few days or longer. I know they get to travel by charter, but think of the wear you save your body from just traveling less... that could reduce injuries over the course of the season.
Ya I like the no b2b on the road stuff. I wonder how many games they’d have to cut to eliminate b2b completely without extending the season further into the summer.

I like playing multiple games too. I’d even say that should be the norm. When you play the kings, you play 2 in a row in Sacramento. You could then group the eastern conference teams…so when you go on the road to play the Knicks, you also play the Nets. There might not always be a perfect fit, but you could cut travel considerably.

The move to make, imo, is to move to 32 teams(4 divisions of 8 teams each), you play your division 4 times and everyone else twice.

(7X4) + (24X2) = 76 games

Then do all the stuff you said to lessen travel and b2b games.

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Re: Around the League News: Week 21 (3/6 - 3/12)

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Seems like it might have something to do with players resting and not playing when healthy.

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