Game Day: Kings (39-26) @ Suns (37-29), Sat 3/11/23

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Re: Game Day: Kings (39-26) @ Suns (37-29), Sat 3/11/23

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Wally_West wrote:
Mon Mar 13, 2023 2:27 pm
Split T wrote:
Mon Mar 13, 2023 12:25 pm
Ya I wonder what we had set up for Jae…obviously it was the Bucks trade to get the 5 2nds(think that was even reported), but we weren’t keeping those 2nds. We had some other move(s) lined up. We should’ve made the Jae trade first and said sorry Brooklyn, our best offer is Saric. I can’t imagine they would’ve said no. They just tried to get every last thing from us.
I could be mistaken but the KD deal doesn’t work without Crowder’s salary, so you couldn’t just Substitute Dario. Dario gets paid 800K less and that 800K was the difference between it working and not working. We needed to meet the 36 million threshold and Mikal + Cam + Dario is just under that so the KD deal doesn’t work financially. You could’ve included Landale or something like that but I think the Nets only had one extra roster space so they wouldn’t be able facilitate that. The pieces Milwaukee used to get Crowder were sent to Indy.

Crowder’s salary was always key to get any KD deal, which is why I believe James Jones was waiting until the deadline to move him just in case KD deal was possible because his salary made any KD deal much easier to get done. There’s was too many hurdles you had to figure out if you weren’t going to include Jae. Which makes me believe the whole “Nets strong armed the suns to include Crowder in the KD deal” to be complete bullshit, coming from a Nets front office that shown to time and time again they’re willing to leak and lie about info to push own their agenda. I think that Windhorst article about how the deal was done was mostly Nets propaganda and James Jones doesn’t give a shit about playing those games so he was completely fine with Nets pushing their narrative.
The rule is you have to be within 125% + 100,000. Mikal, CamJ and Saric add up to 35,227,889. 125% of that plus 100k is 44,134,861. Durant makes 44,119,845 so it does work. The +100k gets you there. TJ couldn’t be included though so I guess Brooklyn would’ve had to cut someone.

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Re: Game Day: Kings (39-26) @ Suns (37-29), Sat 3/11/23

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ShelC wrote:
Mon Mar 13, 2023 10:48 am
Aside from looking a bit washed, I agree the system probably doesn't really work for TJ. He's not a catch and shoot, stand in the corner player. He needs the ball in his hands to create for himself and we don't operate like that.
That's the thing tho "Shel"
Our system has plenty of wrinkles for dribble attacks it's just who gets that usage and how the offense flows.

Just providing a little more context as the replies I see the general consensus is he's trash 🤐🤦🏾‍♂️. The irony is that was my reaction when I heard he was finally returning to the court, I honestly gave a big :roll: :roll: and laughed at Nets making it seem like news.

He came back early December, then below is his next month of action after his first week. I remember that the Nets were rolling at this point and I was surprised hearing his name in the highlights and that he was a cog in the rotation.


Those the numbers
It's not a blast from the past, it's literally this season lol. There definitely is a place for such potential contributions from our bench..... 🤷🏾‍♂️
SUNS Fan from the Land of Sun, Sea and Sand ;)

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