Game Day: Suns (28-20) @ Hawks (20-27), Fri 2/2/24

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Re: Game Day: Suns (28-20) @ Hawks (20-27), Fri 2/2/24

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Yeah, we're in a tough spot due to the poor roster construction. We have just short of a thousand small shooting guards, which puts us at a defensive disadvantage.

So as much as I would love to be able to run Book with a point guard, it becomes extremely hard to do when you want to have one of Grayson/Bradley/Gordon on the floor. A lot of moves were made this offseason just looking at them in the vacuum and not thinking about how they fit, which is a little unusual because usually Jones' approach is the exact opposite (with the exception of his affinity for small shooting guards).

A Malcolm Brogdon or Kyle Anderson would be perfect to play with Book/Beal/Durant, but the Suns can't acquire them.

Killian Hayes is a realistic target, but he still hasn't figured out his perimeter shooting, and who knows if Vogel would actually give him the opportunity to find a role with less than half of the season left.

Ultimately, we're probably just stuck hoping the team figures things out with Beal and that Beal can stay healthy.
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Re: Game Day: Suns (28-20) @ Hawks (20-27), Fri 2/2/24

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I think there’s a very slight chance Anderson is available…Minny is after Tyus Jones and Anderson would likely be apart of that deal. Perhaps we could sneak in there and snag him as I doubt Washington wants him.

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Re: Game Day: Suns (28-20) @ Hawks (20-27), Fri 2/2/24

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I don’t think Beal is injury prone. He’s had a lot of bad luck injury wise this year. The bad back I don’t know much about. The sprained ankle was the standard land on someone else’s foot variety that can happen to anyone at any time. Getting your face smashed in by another guy’s elbow can happen to anyone at any time too. He was kicking ass imo before the mask. I am hoping he either gets used to it or heals fast.

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