Response to Christian Eriksen's collapse

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Response to Christian Eriksen's collapse

Post by LazarusLong »

Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during a match with Finland.
The response of his teammates and the fans was very special. ... index.html

"After he collapsed, Eriksen's Danish teammates formed a wall around him to protect the Inter Milan star from view as he was receiving treatment."

"Journalist Mattias Karen reported that the Finnish fans inside the stadium began chanting "Christian," to which all the Danish fans responded "Eriksen." "
Window is open again ... blue skies ahead?

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Re: Response to Christian Eriksen's collapse

Post by ShelC »

Very very scary to see happen and glad he seems to be ok now. I just missed seeing it live as I had the match on but was in another room but I understand people weren't happy with the broadcast as the cameras stayed focused on his wife/family in the stands? They should've cut away obviously and been more sensitive to the situation.

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Re: Response to Christian Eriksen's collapse

Post by pickle »

Hmm... Is there anything particularly private about receiving treatment? I mean, I get that nobody wants to be stared at, but I guess people are also naturally curious about the family's reactions. They would need to fill the airtime with something, and if you aren't staying on top of the situation, other people might complain that they are ignoring the seriousness of the injury?

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