La Palma island Volcano in the Canary Islands

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La Palma island Volcano in the Canary Islands

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Are any of you following the eruption of the volcano on La Palma? I saw Rex Chapman tweet some drone footage on it.

I've read that there is some concern that the volcano could break away from half of the island and fall into the sea. I'm not sure what the chances of this is, but they are concerned that it would cause a mega tsunami that would hit the entire east coast of the US with a possible wave up to 50m high. That would entirely wipe out Florida and every city on the coast would be devastated, including DC, NYC, Baltimore, Boston, even to New Orleans in the gulf, etc.

I just saw this tweet about it too.
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Re: La Palma island Volcano in the Canary Islands

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Wow. I had no idea.
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