Democratic Primary Debates

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Re: Democratic Primary Debates

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The first one was a little cheesy. Not dark.

Edit: I watched it when it came out and was a fan. It was the same premise without the hot human looking Cylons entering their minds. Just your standard humans against evil machines storyline. Starbuck wasn’t a hot chick, he was a guy with the perfect 80’s hair.

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Mori Chu
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Re: Democratic Primary Debates

Post by Mori Chu »

What did y'all think of the third Dem debate last night? I thought Biden was awful. He seemed tired, confused, stuttering, stammering, rambling. The answer he gave about racism, where he started by rambling something about radios and record players and black kids needing to hear more words (??), then inexplicably pivoted to talking about Venezuela (???). It was awful. I really think he is too old and mentally unwell to win. I can't believe how many articles I saw last night that claimed Biden did a solid job. What? Are we watching the same debate? The guy looks completely unwell and unfit to me. I'm worried about him.

My fave, Warren, was her usual self. Smart, solid, consistent, always prepared; no real knockout moments, sometimes faded into the background. Bernie was quiet, presumably due to being ill and having a hoarse throat.

Mid-tier candidates: Beto was impassioned about gun violence. Booker was eloquent but seems like a forgotten man. Kamala didn't seem to move the needle IMO. I worry about some of her rambling answers; she seems to have nice zingers, but they feel prepared and calculated, while her other answers seem to lack a point. And I don't know what her plan or message is. Mayor Pete seems to be receding to the pack.

Lower-tier candidates: Castro really went at Biden, all but explicitly saying he is too old and forgetful to be President; while I want that to be said, it felt weird hearing it from Castro. Makes me think that Castro won't be chosen as Veep because of the meanness. Klobuchar was solid but I don't take her very seriously as a contender. People seem to like Yang, but I just don't want another businessman with zero political experience as President. And his stunt about just giving away money to 10 people felt creepy to me. And it may even violate campaign finance laws if it comes from his campaign funds.

Overall, I still think Warren/Booker or Warren/Castro would be a great ticket for 2020. Warren is the smartest and most consistent one up there, she has a clear message and voice and plan. She can beat Trump. She's progressive as heck but not a literal "socialist" like Bernie. I think she's the one.

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Re: Democratic Primary Debates

Post by ShelC »

Biden is becoming, or is, senile. Propping him up because he's a household name and it's "his turn" will be a mistake for the Dems.

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Re: Democratic Primary Debates

Post by jonh »

ShelC wrote:
Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:34 am
Biden is becoming, or is, senile. Propping him up because he's a household name and it's "his turn" will be a mistake for the Dems.
Yeah, I will be disappointed if he ends up as the nominee.

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