2024 Election

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Re: 2024 Election

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If you are of the opinion that Dr. Fauci has ulterior motives for his work on infection diseases over the last ~60 years of his life, and his primary purpose isn't to help people, then you are not looking at things with a clear perspective.

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Re: 2024 Election

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That could be, tbh. I'll work on it.
Let's Go Brandon! .
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Re: 2024 Election

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https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/log ... -Authority
Appeal to Authority
argumentum ad verecundiam

Description: Insisting that a claim is true simply because a valid authority or expert on the issue said it was true, without any other supporting evidence offered.
"Appeal to authority" is a logical fallacy only when one *blindly* trusts an authority figure or expert. Listening to someone like Dr. Fauci is not an appeal to authority fallacy because nobody is blindly trusting Fauci's word simply because he is a cool badass Doctor Man. He has evidence, scientific evidence, on his side. He cites that evidence when he speaks. And we have access to much of that evidence ourselves, so we can verify and confirm the veracity of what he says.

The real problem right now is folks who blindly *reject* the opinion of experts, despite it being presented with plenty of supporting evidence. It is naive and wrong to elevate random Twitter people and random biased web sites as though their ideas (generally unsupported by evidence) were equally valid as those presented by experts with evidence.

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Re: 2024 Election

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Until someone proves they know more about infectious diseases than Fauci and the CDC and can prove Fauci and the CDC are secretly plotting our demise along with every other US institution the right has attacked as evil, I will continue to take their advice over the right wing noise.

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