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Re: World Politics

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Indy wrote:
Thu Oct 14, 2021 3:04 pm
Are you sure the US involvement didn't embolden China more, and create the super restrictive regime that NK is now?

And wasn't the same thing said about Viet Nam?
Oh -- think I have to disagree on this one.

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Re: World Politics

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I have studied the Korean war some and mostly know about the war. I don’t know much about the lead up to war and how involved China was in planning and financing the N Koreans if at all. I always assumed China had a lot to do financing the N Korean effort.

After WWII the US military was kind of mothballed. When the Korean war started the US was very unprepared. Soldiers trained with wooden guns. We entered the war and got pushed back South almost to the bottom of the country. General McArthur saved the war by his end around water landing at Seoul and cutting off the North’s supply chain, which allowed the US time to get their act together. The Chinese didn’t actually enter the war until the Americans pushed the N Koreans North all the way to the Chinese border. Then the Chinese joined the effort and pushed the Americans back to the 38th parallel where we have remained technically at war but, with a truce since 1953.

I know even less about the Vietnam war. I was always taught that we are a Democracy and the Communists (China and Russia)were spreading Communism by force and America was trying to stop it to preserve our way of life. Here we are 70 years later with Communism (China and Russia) our arch rivals and still threatening each other still.

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