Game Day: Spurs (26-28) @ Suns (40-15), Sat 4/17/21

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Re: Game Day: Spurs (26-28) @ Suns (40-15), Sat 4/17/21

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Re: Game Day: Spurs (26-28) @ Suns (40-15), Sat 4/17/21

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Bad game for a lot of people. Refs were awful too. Not sure how you miss multiple plays where the ball goes off the players leg right in front of you.

Gorgi Dieng is still a piece of shit. I wish him nothing but the worst. Hope he’s out of the league next season. Just a trash human being when he’s on the court.

Ayton has been playing much better lately but he’s a number one pick that was just embarrassed by an undrafted player. EMBARRASSED.

Starting to see why Dario keeps getting traded. Depending on how the season shakes out he might be a position that needs upgraded. He has been in a funk for so long that he’s losing all his minutes to Craig. 2 points in 9 minutes is pitiful.

Dario, CamJ, Smith are players I’m not too impressed with on this roster right now.

Jevon Carter’s resurgence has been very nice to watch. Love what he’s doing out there lately
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Re: Game Day: Spurs (26-28) @ Suns (40-15), Sat 4/17/21

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ShelC wrote:
Sun Apr 18, 2021 7:00 am
Shit game, never really had it going and looked a little deflated/tired. Last night's Spurs team was exactly the type we struggle with - normal starters/rotation guys sit so 2nd and 3rd stringers play with nothing to lose and outplay us. We probably were just looking to get this one over with and get on the road. I was kind of hoping Monty would sit our main guys like CP and Book, maybe DA, for some rest before the road trip.
Especially in hindsight, we should have sat CP and Book.
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Re: Game Day: Spurs (26-28) @ Suns (40-15), Sat 4/17/21

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It's a bummer that we put up such a poor showing. The 3-point shooting was especially dreadful; we shot 6-27. The Spurs did a nice defensive job chasing us off the 3-point line and bothering our shots.

I'm glad they pulled the plug on CP3 and gave him only 22 minutes. Book tried to bring us back but had a dreadful shooting night. Carter and Payne played well, but that was about it.

Jalen Smith had 2 points and 3 rebounds, at least...?

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