RIP Alex Trebek

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RIP Alex Trebek

Post by Superbone »

I've been watching him for many years. It won't be the same watching his final run through Christmas.

Thanks for all the years, Alex! He's been such a part of so many of our lives for a long time. ... ge-n990066
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Re: RIP Alex Trebek

Post by Nodack »

I have have been watching him for a long time too. I always wondered if he was a brainiac or just a great host for that show that seemed like a braniac. He was a class act.

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Re: RIP Alex Trebek

Post by pickle »


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Re: RIP Alex Trebek

Post by Cap »

SNL needs to do a Heavenly Celebrity Jeopardy. Everybody has wings and a halo, and a fog machine creates the illusion they’re standing on a cloud, but Connery is still being a foul-mouthed cretin and abusing poor Alex.

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Re: RIP Alex Trebek

Post by SunsRIt »

I have been watching him since the beginning and was really bummed when my wife told me he passed away. He was truly a class act and will be missed.

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