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World Politics

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I wanted a place to talk world politics. We do talk about them in individual threads but, this could be a place to generally talk about political events on the world stage as in right now the posturing going on between US/NATO and Russia. The US and NATO are conducting drills right now and Russia is complaining about it and threatening retaliation. All this just a couple of weeks before Biden and Putin’s summit next week. I think it’s mostly posturing, especially by Putin, who has to keep his country thinking it’s on the brink of war between the US at all times to stay in power imo. Both sides having a pre pissing match.

I suppose after Trump bailed on the world and basically pulled out of every deal we had with anyone, that Biden and NATO are announcing to Putin and whoever that Trump is gone and the US and NATO are militarily one and the same when it comes to what we defend, as in Russia deciding to take another bite out of the Ukraine and wondering what the US/NATO will do about it.

Showdown: U.S., NATO wage war games in Europe; Russia to send troops west ... -troops-w/
The U.S. and its NATO allies on Monday conducted a set of major war games across Europe, while Russia responded by announcing plans to send at least 20 new military units to its western border.

“NATO is there to defend all our allies, and this exercise sends a message about our ability to transport a large number of troops, equipment across the Atlantic, across Europe and also to project maritime power,”

Meanwhile, Pentagon officials on Monday announced Operation Allied Sky, which will see U.S. and NATO fighter aircraft fly over all 30 NATO nations on Monday.

Kremlin officials said Russia will establish “20 new military units and formations” in the country’s western districts, near its borders with NATO nations.

The military tensions are sure to be another item on a packed agenda for the June 16 meeting between Mr. Biden and Mr. Putin.

Mr. Biden is expected to confront Mr. Putin over election interference in 2016 and 2020, the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline cyberattacks that have been linked to Russia, the poisoning and detention of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and a host of other issues.

Russia says it is ready to use force to stop 'unfriendly' foreign action
MOSCOW, May 31 (Reuters) - A senior Russian security official said on Monday Moscow would be ready to use force to stop what he described as "unfriendly" actions by other countries, the Interfax news agency reported.

You are going to start a war because of unfriendly actions Putin? Attacking the Ukraine isn’t unfriendly? Attacking our elections isn’t very friendly. The hackers that shut down our pipeline were Russians. Very unfriendly

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Re: World Politics

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This interview is a bit scary about China and Russia and what is happening right now.
JR Nyquist interview: China planning to launch attack on America "in a matter of months" ... 7199225c4a
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