Game Day: Jazz (45-17) @ Suns (44-18), Fri 4/30/21

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Re: Game Day: Jazz (45-17) @ Suns (44-18), Fri 4/30/21

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O_Gardino wrote:
Mon May 03, 2021 6:55 am
The first 2 shots by Smith were just him taking advantage of being wiiiiiiiide open. Still good to see him hit those shots with no hesitation.
Good for him for getting wide open.
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Re: Game Day: Jazz (45-17) @ Suns (44-18), Fri 4/30/21

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He didn’t get much of a shot this year. The jury is still out on him imo for sure. Still, we could have used another big man at times this year and he wasn’t a candidate at all for some reason. Monty obviously doesn’t feel he is ready for prime time yet. I hope next year he gets meaningful minutes, unless he is our ultra secret weapon for the playoffs this year waiting to be sprung on an unsuspecting to be named playoff matchup.

And no, I don’t believe that to be the case.

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Re: Game Day: Jazz (45-17) @ Suns (44-18), Fri 4/30/21

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Those Kaminsky minutes are his for the taking if he improves next year.

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Re: Game Day: Jazz (45-17) @ Suns (44-18), Fri 4/30/21

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Kaminsky has played better of late. I quite like the Kaminsky Saric Johnson lineups. I wish Kaminsky played more like a 7 footer, but still... he's playing hard and making the best of his limited athletic abilities.

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